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What the $#%^? Tom Brady is the Best Selling Jersey…

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Ok.  I guess that there is no such thing as bad press and the people in New England really have nothing better to do than shop online for Tom Brady Jerseys.  I found it interesting that the most popular jerseys were linked to players that have had a lot of press -- both good and bad.  And with no [...]

Is Fantasy Football #ucking with You?

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Where you go for your fantasy football intelligence often is the driving force between success and failure, and whom you put your fantasy stock in could make or break you.  The sad part is quite often our initial gut feeling on who to draft, or who to play on a given week is right, and because we a [...]

“Cheatriots” at it Again?

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Area 51, the Lockness monster, Santa Clause... NFL Headsets? Come on. Brady had an amazing game. Gronk had an amazing game. It would be hard to beat the Patriots if those two guys had average games. It just so happens that the Steelers caught the Pats on one of the best opening performances in their [...]

Top Five NFL News for 8-14-15

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Football News 1) Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte expressed his feelings publicly on former teammate Brandon Marshall’s criticism of Jay Cutler. The controversy stems around Marshall's comments that Cutler never took full responsibility in contributing to the team’s failures last season. [...]

NFL Investigations?

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Richie Incognito recently claimed the NFL does not conduct proper investigations into player conduct. A former assistant coach with the Miami Dolphins is suing the NFL for defamation of character, and the NFL has not yet completed its work on the DeflateGate scandal. The NFL's integrity is being cal [...]

Vikings beat Pittsburgh

  NFL preseason kicked off on Sunday with Minnesota Vikings 14-3 against Pittsburg with the other 30 teams preparing for the 2015 contest. The season will commence on 10th September with a total of 30 teams. Oregon Ducks are the defending champions. [...]

Nations Love Football

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Welcome to NLF - Nations Love Football Check out our huge selection of Football and Futbol apparel.  We also offer unique goods at some of the best prices on the net. [...]